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Why us?

The average port-a-potty holds 60 to 70 gallons of chemicals and waste. Our single bathroom trailer can replace 4 standard port-a-potties and our triple bathroom trailer can replace 8 port-a-potties. You will love the comfort of feeling clean and at home in our restrooms. As a bonus, you can actually flush the toilet and then wash your hands with soap and water! 


What's Included?

P-Town Pottys has your butt covered!  We can provide bathroom services for up to 250 guests!

Click below to see what

 P-Town Pottys includes!

"I'm so excited to book with

P-Town Pottys for some future events! What a brilliant idea to add a luxurious feel!"

-Jordan M.


Check out more photos of our preferred portable pottys!

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