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The trailers can weigh up to 8,000 pounds after use.  It is the responsibility of the renter to provide a proper area for us to set up our trailer. We prefer to set up in a driveway, but any hard surface will work.


We can park on a grassy area if the renter wishes, but renter agrees on CONTRACT that P-Town Pottys and it's owners are not responsible for any possible damage done to your yard. 

Renter will also have to sign a  LIABILITY CONTRACT stating that Ptown Pottys and it's owners are not liable for any injuries that happen in or on the bathroom trailer during the rental. 


PTown Pottys does not allow pets, smoking, drugs, illegal substances, illegal acts or any other inappropriate acts in it's trailers. Do not use regular toilet paper in our bathrooms, we use RV toilet paper which brakes down faster than regular toilet paper. 

Power for Trailer

Without a generator, the single stall trailer will need one dedicated 20 amp, 110V circuit in the warmer months and two dedicated 20 amp, 110V circuits in the colder months. The three stall trailer will need two dedicated 20 amp, 110V circuits in the warmer months and three dedicated 20 amp, 110V circuits in the colder months. Plugs must be within 100' of trailer. If there is no access to these plugs, we do have generators available for rent. P-Town Pottys provides two 100' extension cords. A generator can be included for an upcharge. 

Running water

Our trailers use a garden hose to supply water to the bathrooms, we will need a outdoor spigot within one hundred feet of trailer. P-Town Pottys provides one 100' garden hose. We do have a 130 gallon fresh water tank that can be filled before delivery for an upcharge. 

Exit plan

Most rentals are one day rentals so we will need access to pick up the trailer the next day. It is the renters responsibility to ensure that we have a clear path to remove the trailer. No vehicles or obstructions can be in our way for pickup. 


Renter is advised to inspect the trailer to ensure it is clean and capture any damage it may have before the delivery driver has left. Any damages that have occurred between delivery and pickup will be renters responsibility to fix.


Both trailers are equipped with large enough waste tanks to handle the recommended amount of people stated on the What's Included page. I am confident that the trailer will last for an entire day, the rental is based on number of people who use it so paper towels, toilet paper, and soap will be based on people and not time. 

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